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    Direct Trades Supply
    Direct Trades Supply
    March 12, 2021
    Barbed wire and chain mesh fencing with sun in background

    Security Fencing: Your Options and Their Applications

    Owning a property is a huge undertaking. Aside from maintaining it, you also need to make sure that it is secure enough that no trespassers or unwanted visitors could gain access to the property and cause damage to it.

    Security fencing is one of the best investments that you can make for your property because it allows you to secure your business or residence and boost the confidence of customers and employees in your brand.

    What are the benefits of security fencing?

    Added security is, of course, the primary benefit of installing security fencing on your property. But you can also enjoy more benefits from investing in one on your commercial premises:

    • It adds an aesthetic to your property. :

      Having a fence around your factory, office, or store will make it stand out from other properties in your area. Metal fencing, for instance, can give the property a modern and sleek look. Wood fencing, on the other hand, offers a more relaxed yet professional look for your property. You also have the option to completely keep your property out of public view or just install a fence on some areas that you need to keep private.

    • It allows you to control access to your property. :

      Having security fencing will give you more control over who has access to your property. You can also add extra security measures like CCTV cameras and intercoms at the point of entry to make sure that only your customers, employees and guests can enter your office, store or factory.

    • It helps you save money and mitigate risks. :

      A simple burglary can already cause a huge dent in your budget, and the risks are even greater on you, your staff, and your assets. But security fencing can help you mitigate all those risks and protect your money by making sure that everything is safe within your premises.

    High Voltage sign behind chain mesh fencing

    What are the types of properties that can benefit from security fencing?

    Security fencing is not only ideal for business establishments, but it is also necessary for schools, sports centres, farms, warehouses, storage facilities, laboratories, factories, offices, and stores. Whether you have a small or big property, you can benefit from investing in a security fence.

    As mentioned, it offers several benefits not just for security purposes but for many others. The good thing about security fencing is that it is an added value to the property as it serves its purpose.

    What are the common types of security fencing?

    You have a lot of options when it comes to security fencing, but the two most popular choices are chain mesh and barbed wire.

    Barbed Wire

    Barbed wire is one of the most common types of security fencing that has been used in industrial, commercial, and agricultural properties for many years. Also called barb wire or bobbed wire, this type of fencing is designed to have sharp edges along the strands to help keep unwanted guests away from a property, thus its name.

    Galvanised barbed wire is an especially popular option because it has a high concentration of zinc that can withstand extreme heat, thus making it ideal for fire-prone areas. It is widely used in farms, barns, and conservations areas because it keeps intruders away and is also a great way to contain animals, including livestock. It is even considered the first wire technology that can effectively restrain cattle.

    Two brown and white cows looking through a barbed wire fence

    Barbed wire can also be used with other types of security fences like chain mesh and net, making it very versatile for different properties. It is also one of the easiest types of security fencing to install because you only need some galvanised staples or lacing wire to secure the wire and fence posts to keep it in place. It can be as long as 500 metres, and it can range from 1.57mm to 2.5mm in thickness.

    Zinc aluminium barbed wire is another excellent option because it’s a lot easier to work with than the traditional galvanised barbed wire that’s thicker and harder. This type of wiring is commonly used in security fencing because it’s more practical, and the zinc coating on the wire prevents rust, thus, increasing its lifespan.

    When choosing the right barbed wire for your needs, consider the material used, the strand and barb structure of the wire and the type of twist used on it.

    Chain Mesh

    Another popular type of security fencing is chain mesh. Also called chain-link fence or wire-mesh fence, this option is known for its distinct diamond pattern that results from the zig-zag direction where the wire runs with each other to form secure fencing and can be used in almost every type of application.

    Chain mesh fencing is beneficial because it’s easy to manipulate and it can last for many years. While the old chain-link fences look very outdated, the newer versions are now more stylish and durable. Here are some of the many benefits that you can get with using chain mesh fencing:

    • It is very flexible.:

      Chain mesh fencing is flexible enough to be used for different purposes and in different areas. You can use it for isolating a specific part of your farm or adding more security into your compound.

    • It is very durable.:

      Chain mesh is one of the best materials for fencing because it can stand up to even the harshest climates, and it is highly resistant to corrosion. This means that you don’t need to replace your fence often.

    • It is easy to install and maintain.:

      Chain mesh fencing is very easy to install because you only need some posts to attach the wire. You can also leave your chain-link fence for a long time without maintaining it, and it will still look good. You just need to clean your chain mesh fencing now and then to keep it looking new.

    • It is ideal for public areas.:

      Unlike traditional fencing that obstructs your view completely, chain mesh fencing gives you the privacy, security, and safety you need without necessarily closing off your property. This makes chain-link fencing ideal for children’s playgrounds, ballparks, tennis courts, and other public places.

    Chain mesh fencing comes in different types, sizes and uses. One roll of chain-link fencing can measure up to 15 metres, and you can buy different heights depending on your exact needs. For instance, if you’re trying to create a fence for a ballpark, you have to choose a higher chain-link fence. You can choose from 2.5mm to 3.15mm thickness wire. You also have the option to combine different types of fencing for added security and to serve the right purpose for your property.

    Additional Wire

    Along with these two common types of security fencing, here are support wire options that vary depending on the type of material used, the way the fencing is constructed and the extra features that make it ideal for a specific purpose:

    • Lacing wire.:

      One of the basic types of wire, a lacing wire is designed to be thin so that it’s easy to twist by hand. It is commonly used for attaching the top and bottom poles of chain mesh fences. It is also used together with Helicoil wire to reinforce fencing to make them more stable.

    • Helicoil wire.:
      Another option for supporting chain mesh fence is the Helicoil wire, which can either be heavy galvanised coated for preventing rust, especially in high and low temperatures or PVC coated for protection against acidity, alkalinity or salinity.
    • Tie wire.:
      Used mostly for binding, tying, and reinforcing different materials, tie-wire is made with low carbon annealed and galvanised steel, making it one of the strongest types of wire that you can use for various purposes.
    • Plain wire.:

      It is a versatile type of wire you can use for almost every purpose because it comes in different thickness and strengths. Plain wire is sturdy enough for constructing a fence, but most property owners combine it with galvanised wire or chain mesh wire for extra safety.

    Tennis ball stuck in a chain mesh fence

    Choosing the right fencing

    Whether you want to go for barbed wire fencing, chain mesh fencing, or a combination of both, it’s vital to buy your fence from a trusted supplier. This will help you make sure that you are buying products that are made from the highest quality materials, so you don’t need to replace your fence often. It’s also crucial to determine your exact goals for your project so that it’s easier to choose a fence that will meet your needs.

    The bottom line

    Security fencing is a worthwhile investment for your property because it allows you to increase your security, maintain your privacy, and take full control of who gets to access your premises. Adding a fence also adds value to your property because it becomes more secure than other properties in your area.

    So, if you’ve been planning to increase the safety of your industrial space, commercial building, factory, warehouse, sports complex, or even your home, understanding the different types of security fencing that’s available to you allows for an informed decision. Contact the experts at Direct Trades Supply for more information.

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