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    • Cordless - Applicators
    • Cordless - Batteries
    • Cordless - Chargers
    • Cordless - Clothing
    • Cordless - Cutting
    • Cordless - Demolition Hammers
    • Cordless - Rotary Hammers
    • Cordless - Drilling & Fastening
    • Cordless - Dust Extractors
    • Cordless - Fans
    • Cordless - Grinding
    • Cordless - Heat Guns
    • Cordless - Inflators & Pumps
    • Cordless - Levelling
    • Cordless - Lighting
    • Cordless - Measuring
    • Cordless - Radios & Speakers
    • Cordless - Sanders & Polishers
    • Cordless - Other

    Electric (240V)

    • Electric - Cutting
    • Electric - Demolition Hammers
    • Electric - Drilling & Fastening
    • Electric - Dust Extractors
    • Electric - Fans
    • Electric - Grinding
    • Electric - Heat Guns
    • Electric - Inflators & Pumps
    • Electric - Lighting
    • Electric - Radios & Speakers
    • Electric - Rotary Hammers
    • Electric - Sanders & Polishers
    • Electric - Other

    Air Compressors

    Air compressors are a great power source for hand held tools on a construction site such as nail guns, wrenches and spray guns. Portable Air compressors are very useful for workers travelling to multiple worksites as they are often small enough to easily lift onto a tray. Some Air Compressors have removable petrol tanks which makes the device even lighter. To determine the type of Compressor you require, contact one of our experts at Direct Trades Supply who can discuss with you the options for Electric, Multi-Stage, Oil-Free and Natural Gas Air Compressors.

    Brick, Concrete and Tile Saws

    Brick, Concrete and Tile Saws are made specifically for cutting bricks, pavers and stone. Depending on the thickness of the material you are cutting, you may be able to use one blade for different materials, however, most materials will require specific blades to be the most effective. Diamond blades are ideal to use with Brick, Concrete and Tile Saws. Some saws are fitted with a water pump that is used to cool the blade during cutting, this is so the blade doesn’t overheat and to extend the life of the blade and saw.

    Diggers, Trenchers, Borers

    Diggers, Trenchers, and Borers provide a similar outcome, but are all used for different materials and purposes. Diggers are a handheld tool that assists with making holes in compact and hard soil. It will change the way you do gardening and make digging and planting an easy task. Trenchers are used in a much bigger scale and typically for digging trenches for cabling or pipes. Trenches are ideal for narrow access and can be easily pushed or pulled along the ground to create the desired pathway. Borers are commonly used for woodwork as they are a fine and precise tool that leaves little to no damage on the wood. There are many types of Boring tools for different applications, so chat to our experts at Direct Trades Supply about what is the right tool for you.

    Dust Extractors & Vacuums

    If you’re working with materials that produce a lot of dust or small particles that are hard to clean up, a dust extractor will be very handy on your worksite. Dust Extractors are used for big scale extraction of dust and use low air pressure, whereas vacuum cleaners are more effectively used to clean up small spillages or single rooms with high pressure suction. Dust Extractors can be installed into buildings where constant use is required, or can be purchased as a portable unit.


    Generators are a very useful piece of equipment for a powerless construction site. Generators don’t create electricity but convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Generators are most commonly used to power hand held tools or lighting systems, and large generators can be used to power temporary site offices. There are different types of generators that range in size, watts, and purpose. If you are unsure what generator will be right for your project, enquire through our website and we will be in touch to discuss your options.

    Handheld Power Tools

    The options at Direct Trades Supply for Handheld Power Tools are endless. We stock all products from drills to jigsaws, staple guns to planers, angle grinders to battery accessories. Whatever Handheld Power Tool or accessory you need, we will either have in stock or we will source it for you. Power Tools will either require a power source - which is where a generator comes in handy - or come with a rechargeable battery. Contact us today to talk about the Handheld Power Tools you require for your next project.


    Cement Mixers are, as they suggest, used for mixing cement. A Mixer is constructed of a rotating barrel that constantly turns to mix together cement, aggregate, and water which makes concrete. Mixers can also be used for combining animal feed, fertilisers or potting soils and are conveniently constructed with wheels for easy maneuvering. Mixers will be a great investment for your business and eliminate the need to purchase ready-made cement for small jobs.

    Pressure Washers

    Pressure Washers work off either electrical power or gas engines, and essentially blast away dirt with high-pressured water jets. Pressure Washers consist of a hose connected to an air compressor which powers a water pump. When the trigger is pulled on a Pressure Washer, the water mixes with the high-pressure air and sprays the water at about 75 times the strength of a domestic garden hose. These tools are great to use for cleaning large surfaces such as driveways, decking, concrete surfaces, and patios when cleaning by hand would be too laborious.

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