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    Work Safe With Our Extensive Range of Safety & PPE

    Site & Environmental

    First Aid

    • First Aid - Eye Wash Stands
    • First Aid - First Aid Kits
    • First Aid - First Aid Kit Replenishment

    Hazard Control

    • Hazard Control - Dust Management
    • Hazard Control - Eye Wash Stands
    • Hazard Control - Fire Blankets
    • Hazard Control - Fire Extinguishers
    • Hazard Control - Fume Management
    • Hazard Control - Personal Floatation Devices
    • Hazard Control - Spill Kits
    • Hazard Control - Spill Sorbents


    • Storage - Dangerous Goods
    • Storage - Hasps
    • Storage - Lead Hooks
    • Storage - Lead Stands
    • Storage - Lockout Tags
    • Storage - Padlocks

    Traffic Management

    • Traffic Management - Cone Bars
    • Traffic Management - Convex Mirrors
    • Traffic Management - T Bollards
    • Traffic Management - Traffic Cones

    Vehicle Safety

    • Vehicle Safety - Banners
    • Vehicle Safety - Beacons
    • Vehicle Safety - Mine Flags
    • Vehicle Safety - Reversing Alarms
    • Vehicle Safety - Wheel Chocks


    • Surveying - Flagging Tape
    • Surveying - Survey Paint
    • Surveying - Survey Pegs
    • Surveying - Other Requirements

    Bunting, Barrier Mesh

    Bunting and Barrier Mesh are used to prevent entry into sites or particular areas. Bunting and Barrier Mesh are often made in high-vis colours such as yellow, orange, or red so they are easily recognisable. Bunting Flags (or Safety Flags) and Barrier Mesh are ideal for marking out zones, hazards, or excavation sites.

    Cable Covers

    Cable Covers are made from a rubber channel which is designed to encase electrical cables or pipes to protect them from becoming a hazard. Cable Covers must be used in high foot-traffic and vehicle traffic areas. They are available in many figurations and colours to suit your particular project, but most are designed in black and yellow to ensure they stand out on the ground and are easily visible. Cable Covers will also assist in organising and tidying cables or wires if they are getting tangled.

    Dangerous Goods Storage

    Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets are essential for storing dangerous chemicals. They are made specially to withstand the impact of hazardous chemicals such as fuel, kerosene, methanol and paints. Complete with compliant signage and made from strong steel, make sure you invest in a Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinet for your worksite. Safe storage of Dangerous Goods is necessary to be compliant with Australian Standards, including; Explosives, Gases, Flammable Liquids, Flammable Solids, Oxidising Agents, Organic Peroxides, Toxic Substances, and Corrosive Substances.

    Dust & Fume Management

    Dust and Fumes are not only irritating, they pose a serious health risk if consumed. One way to reduce the amount of dust and fumes is to use an on-tool extraction. Local exhaust ventilation systems can be fitted directly onto tools and removes and gathers dust as it is produced. Workers should wear appropriate face masks when around dust or fumes. These can be worn as well as implementing other methods such as water suppression.

    Emergency Eye Wash

    Emergency Eye Wash Stations allow for on the spot decontamination and wash away chemicals that can cause serious harm. An Emergency Eye Wash can be used to also wash the face and hands rid of harmful substances. To use an Emergency Eye Wash, hold your eyes open under the water and flush for at least 15 minutes to ensure all unwanted chemicals are removed. If only one eye has been injured it is important to keep the other eye away from the station or covered and be careful not to cross contaminate.

    Fire Protection - Extinguishers, Blankets

    All Australian worksites must have the correct Fire Extinguishers and Blankets available on their premises. There are different types of Fire Extinguishers that respond to different materials.

    Water Fire Extinguishers should be used on wood, straw and paper.

    Foam Fire Extinguishers work against most types of flammable liquids such as paint or petrol.

    Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers are best used on electrical hazards.

    Powder fire extinguishers are ideal for use on a worksite with combinations of hazards.

    Wet chemical Fire Extinguishers are commonly used in kitchens to stop fires from cooking oils and fats.

    Fire Blankets are made from a light-weight, fire resistant material which has been designed specifically to smother flames. Fire Blankets should be kept within easy reach (often mounted on the wall) and accessible to all employees. At Direct Trades Supply we stock Fire Blankets in different sizes to ensure we have the appropriate safety equipment for your project.

    Mirrors - Convex

    Convex mirrors have a curved surface which allow you to see oncoming traffic or people from an angle. Convex mirrors are commonly used in parking lots where visibility around a corner is poor as the mirror enables the driver to see oncoming traffic. There are different types of convex mirrors so it’s important to choose the right one for your environment. The types of mirrors can be categorized by indoor or outdoor, materials, size, installation, and properties such as UV resistant, heat resistant, fog resistant.

    Personal Flotation Device

    Personal Flotation Devices are also referred to as Life Jackets. These should be stocked on all large and small vessels. Personal Flotation Devices will provide a high amount of buoyancy for the wearer and keep them afloat should they be left in water without the ability to swim. Some life jackets are made for specific activities such as canoeing or speed boating and will have different features. There are many sizes and specifications of Personal Flotation Devices sold at DTS, talk to our experts today.

    Reflective Tape

    Reflective tape has many uses on a construction site. It is a highly durable and strong material that is used to clearly mark hazardous areas, objects, or vehicles. It is common for reflective tape to be applied to vehicles that are likely to be parked road-side, eg. for works on a freeway or railway. The prism construction of the tape means the light is captured and reflected at maximum brightness. Available in a range of colours to suit any project, reflective tape should be applied to a clean, hard surface to ensure it adheres well.

    Safety Signage

    Safety Signage is essential for all worksites. These can include;

    • Danger Signage
    • Mandatory Signage
    • Prohibition Signage
    • Fire Signage
    • HAZCHEM Signage
    • Emergency Information Signage
    • Caution & Warning Signage

    Without this information present on a worksite, you may be liable for any injuries which occur.

    Spill Kits & Sorbents

    Spill Kits are a universal item that you must have on every construction site dealing with chemicals or oils. Spill Kits contain all items necessary to effectively clean up and dispose of hazardous chemicals including safety wear, cleaning products, and a disposal bin.

    Sorbents are used to absorb hazardous chemicals to make them easier to clean up. Sorbents are colour coded for easy distinguishing, as the absorbency differs for each product. Sorbents made for oil and fuel will repel water and only pick up the intended substance. Sorbents and Spill Kits are a great solution for any work involving moving or storing liquids.

    Traffic & Pedestrian Management

    When working around roads, traffic and pedestrian management is pivotal to the safety of your team and the general public. Signs such as Stop, Slow, or Detour will allow traffic to flow for vehicles. Direct Trades Supply also stock Plastic Bollards and Traffic Cones which can block off pedestrians and vehicles from certain areas, or block lanes and areas from being entered.

    Making signs visible and for both traffic and pedestrians is a must for all worksites. They must be the appropriate size, have adequate reflectivity, and be easy to read and understand. If you’re unsure what you need for traffic and pedestrian management, see our experts in store at DTS.

    Vehicle Safety - Mine Flags, Beacons, Banners, Wheel Chocks

    Mine flags, Beacons, Banners, and Wheel Chocks are the top safety products all construction vehicles should possess.

    Mine flags are required on most mine sites, but are also used in most day-to-day construction sites. They are built to withstand tough conditions and high vibration frequencies from driving on rough surfaces. Usually placed on the front of the vehicle, they will allow you to be easily recognised in dark or dangerous conditions.

    Beacons are high-powered flashing or static lights that are used to guide people to safety, or to warn of hazards. These are fixed to the top of a vehicle’s roof and are usually orange or yellow so they aren’t confused with emergency services.

    Wheel Chocks are essential for vehicle safety management. They are made from an extremely strong material that is placed behind wheels to prevent a vehicle from moving unexpectedly. Wheel Chocks are ideal when parking on a hill or slight incline, they could prevent your car from rolling into employees or a worksite. Wheel Chocks can also be known as immobilizers.

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