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    All Your Rural Fencing Supplies In One Location

    Fencing Wire

    Plain Wire - Zinc Aluminium High Tensile, Zinc Aluminium Medium Tensile, Galvanised High Tensile, Galvanised Medium Tensile

    Plain Wire is a safe and strong wire that can be used for most purposes. It comes in a range of soft, medium, and high tensile and ranges in thickness. Plain Wire can be used by itself to construct a fence, or paired with a wire mesh to make your fence extra safe. With options for Heavy Galvanised or Zinc Aluminium Plain Wire, there is a product for every situation. Galvanised Wire has a high zinc component and can withstand extreme heat - recommended for use in fire-prone areas.

    Horse Sighter Wire - White Coated Steel, White Nylon

    If you have horses on your farm, you will be well aware of the injuries they are prone to. Horse Sighter Wire is coated in white to make it easier for horses to see and in turn reduces the risk of injury. This can be used on it’s own or together with an existing fence if you are just wanting to increase the visibility. At Direct Trades Supply we have two options for Horse Sighter Wire, White Coated Steel, and White Nylon.

    Barb Wire - Heavy Galvanised, Zinc Aluminium, Premium Zinc Aluminium Green

    Galvanised Barbed Wire can be used for a number of different purposes, including containing livestock, exclusion zones, and separating conservation areas. Due to the heavy concentration of Zinc, Galvanised barbed wire is recommended for use in fire-prone areas as it will withstand heat. Commonly used with other fencing products such as netting or chain mesh, barbed wire gets its name from the twisted pattern which locks the barbs in place. Ranging from 1.57mm - 2.5mm in thickness, and up to 500m in length, Direct Trades Supply will have the right barbed wire for your project.

    Zinc Aluminium Barbed Wire is a low tensile wire, meaning it is easier to work with than Heavy Galvanised Barbed Wire. The Zinc in the hybrid coating prevents rust and increases the lifespan of the barbed wire, proving to be a cost effective option. This kind of barbed wire is regularly used for security fencing, and livestock control.

    X-tra Life Barbed Wire, coated in a premium Zinc Aluminium is the most resilient and long-lasting option for Barbed Wire.

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