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    All Your Rural Fencing Supplies In One Location


    Rural Fencing Hardware

    • Rural Fencing - Clamps
    • Rural Fencing - Fence Post Clips
    • Rural Fencing - Fencing Pliers
    • Rural Fencing - Joiners
    • Rural Fencing - Manual Post Rammers
    • Rural Fencing - Mechanical Post Rammers
    • Rural Fencing - Ratchet Strainers
    • Rural Fencing - Ring Fastening tools
    • Rural Fencing - Spinning Jenny
    • Rural Fencing - Wire Strainers
    • Rural Fencing - Other Hardware

    Wire Strainers

    Wire Strainers are used on galvanised wires to ensure the wires installed are tight - slack wires are prone to galvanic reaction. Galvanic reaction happens when two different metals are electrically connected (such as via an electric fence) and the compounds of the metals are changed by allowing electrons or ions to move between the two metals. Wire Strainers make tightening fences an easy task with the use of the toothed spools acting as an anchor. Wire Strainers are also available with a built-in insulator to provide extra protection.

    Post Rammers - Mechanical & Manual

    Saving you time and energy, a mechanical post rammer makes installing fences a lot easier. USed for driving posts and other similar items into the ground with minimal effort. Most are made of a heavy steel pipe with handles on either side for ease. Manual Post Rammers work in the same way but require more manual labour to use. Both mechanical and manual versions of a post rammer are designed to minimise damage to the top of the fence post. Always wear appropriate PPE when operating a Post Rammer to minimise risk of injury.

    Augers - Mechanical & Manual

    Augers are designed to make drilling into the ground easier with the spiral mechanism. Available in both mechanical and manual versions, at Direct Trades Supply we have a range of augers and drill bits suitable for all projects and uses. Mechanical augers are also popular for drilling into wood for a precise hole without excessive pressure. If you are using an auger for gardening purposes this can be extremely beneficial for the plants as it allows the roots to settle in the ground quicker.

    Fencing Pliers

    At Direct Trades Supply we stock a range of fencing pliers for all different types of wires that are designed with more strength and capability than a typical domestic set. Fencing Pliers should be thought of as a ‘jack of all trades’, they can be used as a hammer, feature a claw on the back end for removing stubborn staples, and crimp jaws for fencing or electrical work.


    Fence Joiners will serve a double purpose by joining loose fencing wires and tightening them at the same time. They are simple to use - simply push the wires into the two ends of the joiner and it will automatically hold onto the fencing wire with the internal springs.


    Fence clamps are used to secure a range of different fences together. Clamps are made for temporary use, removing the need for permanent fixtures. Our Hot Dipped Galvanised Clamps will withstand all Australian climates. Don’t settle for cheap imitations of fence clamps, these can damage your fence beyond repair so be sure to visit Direct Trades Supply for quality and cost effective products.
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