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    Direct Trades Supply
    Direct Trades Supply
    January 15, 2021
    Man wearing blue shirt, smiling and standing in a farming landscape holding his hat

    Choosing The Right Fencing For Your Farm

    The most important part of running a successful farm is to keep your livestock safe. Without security and rural fencing you are open to the possibility of intruders, wandering livestock, or environmental damage. Choosing the right fencing for your farm is an important decision as it is an investment that will last for years, which is why you must take into consideration the below factors before deciding. It is also important to note that you may require a combination of different types of fencing for specific purposes.
    Green farming landscape at sunset with blue skies
    1. Internal or external fence. An external fence is the boundary to your property which should be sturdy and be difficult to pass through. It’s recommended to use barbed wire on these fences to deter intruders. Internal walls will separate your livestock from one another or section off paddocks. This is not needed to be as sturdy as the external fence, most people opt for an electric fence as when an animal feels the electric shock they will immediately move away and not use excessive force.
    2. Type of livestock. Due to the variance in size and habits of livestock they require different types of fencing to keep them safe.
    Three black and white cows poking their heads through a fence to a trough.
    1. Cattle - Large animals like cattle need a sturdy and heavy duty fence to withstand their size.
    2. Horses - Horses cannot see wire fences very well so no matter which fence is chosen it must be made clearly visible by adding extra posts or flags. Horses are also known to injure themselves on rural fencing so choose a fence without sharp edges (Barbed Wire) and ensure star pickets are not showing. The best choice for these animals is a boarded or wooden fence, with the added precaution of Horse Sighter Wire.
    3. Swine - To prevent swine digging under the fence and escaping, the structure will need to be made low to the ground and be very sturdy to withstand the weight of a full grown swine.
    4. Sheep - Sheep are prone to predators like dingos and foxes so their safety is imperative - the simple solution is electric fences. Try to avoid barbed wire around sheep as their wool often gets caught on it.
    5. Rabbits & Chickens - For much smaller animals such as Rabbits and Chickens you should use netting. Netting with much smaller gaps will prevent snakes and mice from entering the cages, while still allowing good ventilation and visibility.
    Three brown chooks in a pen behind chicken netting.
    1. Environment - Australia’s landscape can present some challenges in farming - luckily we have fencing solutions for all types of weather. If your property is close to large bodies of water you would presume to be dealing with rotting wooden poles or rusted metal poles, however, all of Direct Trade Supplies products are treated to ensure they can withstand these exact situations. PERMApole’s wooden fence posts are intended for outdoor use and are CCA treated - meaning they are resistant against mould, rotting, and termites. If you have decided Chain mesh is the best choice for your property, opt for a PVC coated style which can withstand extreme heat, UV rays and moisture.
    If you want to talk further through your options, we'll find the right solution for you. Alternatively, request a quote through our website by adding items to your cart and we will contact you!
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