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    All Your Structural and Maintenance Materials

    Formwork, Slabs & Frames


    • Adhesives - Epoxy Resin
    • Adhesives - High Strength
    • Adhesives - Joint Sealant
    • Adhesives - Liquid Nails
    • Adhesives - Roof & Gutter Sealant
    • Adhesives - Silicone
    • Adhesives - Other Adhesives


    • Anchors - Brace Anchors
    • Anchors - Cast in Anchors
    • Anchors - Drop in Anchors
    • Anchors - Hollow Wall Anchors
    • Anchors - Nail in Anchors
    • Anchors - Nylon Anchors
    • Anchors - Safety Bolts
    • Anchors - Screw Bolts
    • Anchors - Sleeve Anchors
    • Anchors - Spaghetti
    • Anchors - Strike Anchors
    • Anchors - Through Anchors
    • Anchors - Treaded Rod
    • Anchors - Wall Plugs
    • Anchors - Other Anchors


    • Bolts - Cuphead Bolts
    • Bolts - Hex Bolts
    • Bolts - Hex Couplers
    • Bolts - Nuts
    • Bolts - Round U Bolts
    • Bolts - Socket Head Bolts
    • Bolts - Square U Bolts
    • Bolts - Structural Assemblies
    • Bolts - Threaded Rod
    • Bolts - Washers
    • Bolts - Other Bolts


    • Screws - Bugle Batton Screws
    • Screws - Coach Screws
    • Screws - Cyclone Screws
    • Screws - Decking Screws
    • Screws - Needle Point Screws
    • Screws - Self Drilling Metal Screws
    • Screws - Self tapping Screws
    • Screws - Other Screws


    • Nails - Bullet head Nails
    • Nails - Concrete Nails
    • Nails - Deck Spikes
    • Nails - Flat Head Nails
    • Nails - Roofing Nails
    • Nails - Other Nails

    Binding Agents

    • Binding Agents - Lime
    • Binding Agents - White Sand
    • Binding agents - Yellow Sand
    • Binding Agents - Other Binding Agents

    Dry Mix

    • Dry Mix - Brickies Cement
    • Dry Mix - General Purpose Cement
    • Dry Mix - General Purpose Concrete
    • Dry Mix - Mortar
    • Dry Mix - Paving Cement
    • Dry Mix - Rapid Set Concrete
    • Dry Mix - Other Dry Mix

    Metal Reinforcing

    • Metal Reinforcing - Rebar
    • Metal Reinforcing - Rebar Connectors
    • Metal Reinforcing - Starter Bars
    • Metal Reinforcing - Z Bar
    • Metal Reinforcing - Z Bar Connectors
    • Metal Reinforcing - Other Metal Reinforcing


    • Pipe - Grey Water Pipe and Fitting
    • Pipe - PVC Conduit and Fittings
    • Pipe - PVC Pressure Pipe and Fittings
    • Pipe - Stormwater Pipe and Fittings
    • Pipe - Other Pipe

    Sheet Materials

    • Sheet Materials - Compressed Cement
    • Sheet Materials - Corflute
    • Sheet Materials - Formply F14
    • Sheet Materials - Formply F17
    • Sheet Materials - Masonite
    • Sheet Materials - Plywood
    • Sheet materials - Other Sheet Materials


    • Timber - Hardwood Gluts
    • Timber - Softwood Gluts
    • Timber - Structural Hardwood
    • Timber - Structural Pine
    • Timber - Structural LVL
    • Timber - Other Timber

    Support Materials

    • Support Materials - Backing Rod
    • Support Materials - Bar Chairs
    • Support Materials - Builders Film
    • Support Materials - Expansion Foam
    • Support Materials - Formwork Fillets
    • Support Materials - Packing Shims
    • Support Materials - Other Support Materials

    Appropriate PPE should always be worn when handling any of the below products

    Adhesives - Epoxy, Liquid Nails, Silicone, Mortar

    We stock a range of adhesives at Direct Trades Supply, so we always have exactly what you need in store. Epoxy is a two part adhesive consisting of epoxy resin and hardener - when the two are mixed together they form a glue instantly. Epoxy can be used for many materials such as brick, concrete, wood, and metal.

    Liquid Nails is a high strength liquid fastener, which means additional fasteners can be removed once they are dried. Liquid nails can take up to 24 hours to dry, and in some cases a week to fully cure.

    Silicone is popular for its use in heat resistant and moldable products.

    Mortar is a mix between sand and cement, it is most commonly used when building with bricks or stone.

    Binding Agents - Lime

    Lime can be used to bind bricks and stone and therefore is often used in masonry works. It is also used in many other industries such as environmental, construction, and chemical or metallurgical. Lime is created by heating limestone to extreme temperatures. Lime binding agents are popular as they don’t use any powder and strengthen over time, meaning your structure will only get stronger. As it has high water retention and low air content, lime is mixed with concrete to solidify the mixture.

    Builders Film

    Builders Film (Polythene Film) or Builders Plastic, is most commonly used on worksites as a waterproof or damp-proof structure. Builders film does not degrade from sunlight exposure and is made from a mixture of many recycled materials which makes it an environmentally friendly option compared to other products. It can also be used as temporary weather protection, floor covering, or plastic tarp.

    Cement - Brickies, General Purpose

    Brickies cement is a top choice for many builders, and for good reason - it’s high quality combined with the fact you only need to add sand and water makes using Brickies Cement a seamless process. At Direct Trades Supply we have different colours available that will suit your project perfectly. Brickies Cement promises the right mix and the right colour, every time.

    General Purpose cement can be applied to a number of different projects which makes it an ideal choice in many industries. Compliant with Australian Standards this cement is a popular choice for concrete, mortar, rendering, and grout.

    Concrete - General Purpose, Rapid Set, High Strength

    Concrete is a pre-mixed combination of cement, sand, and aggregate designed for bearing weight. Concrete is ideal for flooring, pathways, and curbs. General Purpose Concrete is a reliable choice that is suitable for a range of projects from foundations and small concrete projects such as securing posts and stumps.

    Rapid Set concrete is uniquely formulated to set faster, meaning you can complete a job quicker and have more time for other projects. Due to its change in structure compared to general purpose concrete, rapid set concrete should only be used for non-weight bearing projects.

    High Strength Concrete is about two times as strong as general purpose concrete, and for this reason can be used for construction of high-rise buildings, bridges, floors with a heavy weight load and columns.

    Epoxy Resins, Adhesives, Joint Sealers & Fillers

    Epoxy Resin is a chemical compound which is commonly used as an adhesive in the electrical industry.

    Sealers & Fillers are used in concrete work to fill joints of concrete slabs in the most appropriate and effective way.

    Joint Sealer is a highly flexible liquid designed for exterior use, which prevents water seeping into a concrete slab and destroying the compounds.

    Joint Filler is a more rigid substance designed for interior use to protect the edges of concrete slabs from chipping or crumbling.

    Fastening - Screws, Nuts & Bolts, Anchors, and Nails

    The options for screws, nuts & bolts, anchors, and nails are endless. At Direct Trades Supply our stock ranges from wood, sheet metal, concrete, and masonry nuts, bolds, anchors and nails for any situation. Our range includes fasteners for all different environments including galvanised for external and exposed usage.

    Formwork Fillets

    Formwork Fillets, also known as chamfer moulds, are a mould that is attached to concrete to create decoration on the formwork or tidy hard angled edges. Plastic Formwork Fillets are available in a large range of sizes to suit all projects. These will also assist in reducing chips or crumbling on the edge of concrete slabs.

    Metal Reinforcing - Mesh, Bar Chairs, Tie Wire

    Mesh can be used to reinforce concrete structures and prevent cracks, and is typically used for building foundations. The size and structure of mesh will be determined by the structure being built. Types of reinforcing mesh include Trench Mesh, Ute Mesh, Rectangular Reinforcing Mesh, and Square Mesh.

    Bar Chairs are to be used in conjunction with reinforcing mesh to strengthen the structure. They set the poles of the mesh into the concrete at the correct level.

    Tie wire is ideal for reinforcing due to the annealment of the metal. Annealment means the wire has been heated to an extreme temperature to eliminate the stress in the structure and when cooled it is strengthened.

    Pipe - Conduit, Water, Sewage, Pressure, Grey

    Conduit Pipe is a structure used to direct and enclose electrical wires. It is available in a range of colours so you can easily differentiate between the wires encased. As it is used to hold wires and not withstand pressures, conduit pipe is made quite thin. If you are needing something to withstand pressure, PVC pipe is recommended.

    Sewage Pipes transport waste matter away from the house into the main sewage system. They are designed with either PVC, Clay, or Iron which are able to withstand the corroding on the interior of the pipe and root anchorage on the outside. The type of Sewage Pipe required can be determined by the age of the building being worked on so nsure to find this information before making a purchase.

    Pressure Pipes are made from PVC as they can - as the name suggests - withstand high pressure from fluid. Pressure Pipes are most commonly used in underwater environments which are permanently submerged.

    Sheet Material - Formply, Plywood, Compressed Cement, Plasterboard, Jointflex, Curing Foams, Polystyrene

    Formply is a type of plywood. It is a high quality timber sheet which is coated on both sides with a resin which elevates the look and feel. It has been specifically manufactured to be used with concrete so is suitable for bridges, retaining walls, heavy civil engineering and mining projects.

    At Direct Trades Supply, our range of Plywood differentiates in shape, thickness, and widths - if you require a specific sizing of Plywood that we don’t have in stock we will source this for you. Plywood is made from thin sheets layered on top of one another, alternating at 90 degrees - which is why it is well known and popular for its structural properties.

    Compressed Cement sheets are made of fibered cement that is commonly used under ceramic tiles or hardwood flooring due to the noise absorption properties. Compressed Cement is fire resistant while protecting against mould, rot, and termites which makes it ideal for fire prone or wet areas.

    Plasterboard can be more commonly known as drywall or gyprock, it is used for constructing ceilings and interior walls. Plasterboard has a relatively low impact on the environment, is fire resistant, and is a cost effective product. Although it is a thin and brittle material, plasterboard is easy to maintain by patching up and painting over any inconsistencies.

    Jointflex is a joint filler that is used as an expansion in brickwork. It’s other uses also include acting as a gap filler, and providing extra support for joint sealants.

    Curing Foams are used on concrete surfaces to protect it while drying in extreme heat. Although this is a lengthier process, curing foam protects concrete from cracks and drying out too quickly. The foam must be dampened before applying to the surface in order to stop the concrete from drying out. Ensure the foam is constantly damp (this may need to be done daily) and ensure it is weighted down to protect against strong winds.

    Steel - Channel, Beams, Posts, Jointflex Rolls

    Steel Channels are made from hot-rolled steel and designed in a shape that provides superior structural support and is ideal for use in commercial or industrial buildings. The wide, flat structure is useful for affixing hanging items or adding further support beams and is ideal for outdoor use.

    Steel Structural Beams and Poles come with either a galvanised or steel finish for different purposes. They are mostly used in major constructions relating to mining, transport, residential and engineering.

    Timber - LVL Pinewood, Hardwood

    LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) Pinewood is favoured for its strength and benefits in structural applications. It is specifically engineered by bonding very thin slices and fragments of wood under extreme heat and pressure. The strength of LVL Pinewood is on par with solid timber, concrete, and steel.

    Hardwood is, in most cases, used for wooden flooring but can also be applied to cladding, fencing, panelling and decking. Hardwood is made only from a dicot tree which means they have a much more complex structure, resulting in a hardened wood with interesting patterns.

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