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    Work Safe With Our Extensive Range of Safety & PPE

    Personal Protective Equipment

    Eye Protection

    • Eye Protection - Clear Safety Glasses
    • Eye Protection - Tinted Safety Glasses
    • Eye Protection - Polarised Safety Glasses
    • Eye Protection - General Purpose Goggles
    • Eye Protection - Welding Goggles
    • Eye Protection - Lens Cleaner

    Face Protection

    • Face Protection - Face Shields
    • Face Protection - Face visors

    Hand Protection

    • Hand Protection - Anti Vibration Gloves
    • Hand Protection - Chemical & Liquid Resistant Gloves
    • Hand Protection - Cleaning & Janitorial Gloves
    • Hand Protection - Cut Resistant Gloves
    • Hand Protection - Disposable Gloves
    • Hand Protection - Food Handling Gloves
    • Hand Protection - General Purpose Gloves
    • Hand Protection - Protective Sleeves
    • Hand Protection - Puncture Resistant Gloves
    • Hand Protection - Welding Gloves
    • Hand Protection - Other Types

    Head Protection

    • Head Protection - Hard Hats w/ Full Brim
    • Head Protection - Hard Hats w/ Peak Brim
    • Head Protection - Helmets w/ Chin Strap

    Hearing Protection

    • Hearing Protection - AM/FM Earmuffs
    • Hearing Protection - Dielectric Earmuffs
    • Hearing Protection - Folding Earmuffs
    • Hearing Protection - Headband Earmuffs
    • Hearing Protection - Helmet Earmuffs
    • Hearing Protection - Neckband Earmuffs
    • Hearing Protection - Other Earmuffs
    • Hearing Protection - Corded Disposable Earplugs
    • Hearing Protection - Corded Reusable Earplugs
    • Hearing Protection - Headband Earplugs
    • Hearing Protection - Uncorded Disposable Earplugs
    • Hearing Protection - Uncorded Reusable Earplugs
    • Hearing Protection - Other Earplugs

    Height Safety

    • Height Safety - Fall Arrestors & Lifelines
    • Height Safety - Harnesses & Lanyards
    • Height Safety - Karabiners
    • Height Safety - Tie-Off Adaptors


    • Hydration - Cooling Scarfs
    • Hydration - Cooling Ties
    • Hydration - Drink Bottles
    • Hydration - Drink Cooler 2.5L
    • Hydration - Drink Cooler 5L
    • Hydration - Drink Cooler 10L
    • Hydration - Drink Cooler 20L
    • Hydration - Drink Cooler 35L
    • Hydration - Electrolyte Icy Poles
    • Hydration - Electrolyte Liquid Concentrate
    • Hydration - Electrolyte Powder Sachets
    • Hydration - Evaporative Cooling Vests
    • Hydration - Hydration Backpacks
    • Hydration - Reusable Freezer Packs
    • Hydration - Reusable Ice Bricks

    Insect Repellent

    • Insect Repellent - Insect Head Nets
    • Insect Repellent - Insect Repellent Roll On
    • Insect Repellent - Insect Repellent Spray


    • Respirators - Full Face Respirators
    • Respirators - Half Face Respirators
    • Respirators - Disposable Facemasks
    • Respirators - Powered Respirators
    • Respirators - Air Supplied Respirators

    UV Protection

    • UV Protection - Bucket Hats
    • UV Protection - Wide Brim Hats
    • UV Protection - Wide Brim Hats w/ Neck Flap
    • UV Protection - Hard Hat Brims w/ Neck Flap
    • UV Protection - Neck Flaps
    • UV Protection - Head, Face & Neck Wraps
    • UV Protection - Zinc Sticks SPF 50+
    • UV Protection - Lip Balm SPF 50+
    • UV Protection - Sunscreen 60ml SPF 50+ w/ Clip
    • UV Protection - Sunscreen 125ml SPF 50+
    • UV Protection - Sunscreen 500ml SPF 50+
    • UV Protection - Sunscreen 1 Litre SPF 50+
    • UV Protection - Sunscreen 2.5 Litre SPF 50+
    • UV Protection - Sun Umbrellas

    Eye Protection - Safety Glasses, Safety Goggles

    Safety Goggles or Safety Glasses must be worn on all worksites to ensure your eyes are protected and minimise or alleviate the risk of injury. We stock safety glasses and safety goggles for all types of work including gas, welding, and general safety.

    Face Shields & Visors

    Face Shields or Visors are to be worn when facilitating high-risk work such as welding or operating electrical tools. We stock a range of face shields and visors for different industries. Face shields and visors are made from a sturdy polycarbonate material which can protect against heat and abrasions.

    Hand Protection - Anti Vibration, Chemical Resistant, Cut Resistant

    Anti-Vibration Gloves are designed to absorb the vibrations from power tools and machinery that can make operating them uncomfortable and eliminate the risk of developing Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome. Anti Vibration gloves should be used when operating chainsaws, jack hammers, grinders, and impact wrenches.

    Chemical Resistant Gloves should be used when handling all chemicals to protect against spills that can be harmful to the human body. At Direct Trades Supply we stock Chemical Resistant Gloves that are certified to protect against harmful chemicals.

    Cut Resistant Gloves will protect hands from injuries from knives, saws and blades without compromising on comfort. Labourers should always have cut resistant gloves when working in hazardous conditions or with handling sharp equipment.

    Hand Protection - General Purpose, Food Handling, Disposable

    At Direct Trades Supply we stock a large range of Gloves including General Purpose, Food Handling, and Disposable. They are available in a range of different materials including cotton, nitrile, ecotex, leather, and PVC. Have a look in store or talk to one of our experts to find the right gloves for your project.

    Hand Protection - Protective Sleeves

    Protective sleeves are made from Polyethylene for use in wet areas. The sleeve protectors provide coverage from your write to elbow, ensuring no gaps and keeping loose sleeves out of the way. Armgard Sleeve Protectors we have in stock are available in either blue or white, are 40cm long, and hold a Haccp Australia Food Safety Certification.

    Hard Hats & Accessories

    Hard Hats are an essential workplace safety item. Hard Hats are to be worn on all worksites and construction areas. At Direct Trades Supply we stock different styles, colours and sizes of Hard Hats including accessories such as Browguards, Visors, Hard Hat Brims, Chin Straps, and Ear Muffs.

    Hearing Protection - Ear Muffs, Ear Plugs

    When noise cannot be eliminated or minimised, ear muffs or ear plugs are an essential item for hearing protection. Ear plugs are inserted into the ear canal, they are often moldable, push-to-fit, or foam. Both custom reusable and disposable earplugs are available. Semi-insert ear plugs are held over the end of the ear by a plastic headband. Earmuffs are the most effective of the products available and are made from sound-dampening material which cannot completely cancel the noise, but will dull it so it does not have a negative effect on hearing.

    Height Safety - Harnesses, Lanyards, Fall Arrestors

    When working at heights you must have the appropriate safety materials to eliminate the risk of falling and the injuries that could be caused. Our harnesses have fully adjustable leg, shoulder and chest straps, with hi-vis accents for working in dark environments. Shock Absorbing Lanyards are designed to bear the impact of a fall, rather than impacting on the body. Fall Arresters do not stop a fall but minimise the injury once a fall has occurred. You may require a fall restraint rather than a fall arrester, which can be determined by the environment you are working in, the height, and the risk.

    Height Safety - Tool Lanyards

    When you’re working at heights and need easy access to your tools, a tool lanyard will be key. Having your tools connected to your harness or belt via a tool lanyard will prevent them from falling or being placed out of reach. If your tools don’t have a point where they can be connected to a tool lanyard, this is easy to create by using silicone tape and a tether point.

    Sun Protection - Hats, Sunscreen, Cooling Vests

    In Australia’s harsh climate, you must have adequate sun protection when working outside. Sun protection should be worn all year round to protect from UV radiation as well as sunlight. Wide brim or legionnaire hats are most effective as they offer coverings of the neck and ears as well as the face. Sunscreen should be supplied at all worksites for employees working outside, and is recommended to be 50+ SPF. Cooling Vests will make working in extreme heats more comfortable. They work by absorbing sweat from the body and rapidly converting it into cool water which evaporates from the fabric and creates a cooling effect.
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