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    All Your Security Fencing Supplies In One Location

    Electric Security Fencing

    Energisers - Mains with Battery Backup

    • Electric Fencing - Energisers 2 Zone 5 Joule LCD
    • Electric Fencing - Energisers 2 Zone 8 Joule LCD

    Conductive Wire

    • Electric Fencing - 2mm Solid Aluminium 500m
    • Electric Fencing - 2mm Stranded Aluminum 500m

    Electric fence - Hardware

    • Electric Fencing - Expansion Boards
    • Electric Fencing - Fault Locators
    • Electric Fencing - Mounting Posts
    • Electric Fencing - Ratchet Strainers
    • Electric Fencing - Solar Panels and Regulators
    • Electric Fencing - Standoffs
    • Electric Fencing - Steel Post Insulators
    • Electric Fencing - Tension Sensors
    • Electric Fencing - Underground Cable
    • Electric Fencing - Warning Signs
    • Electric Fencing - Weather Proof Mounting Boxes
    • Electric Fencing - Zone Control Key Pads
    • Electric Fencing - Additonal Hardware Enquires

    Featuring an extensive line-up of products from the country's top manufacturers, we provide the best choices of electric fencing for farms, commercial sites, and more. With our selection, you don't need to search anywhere else for your supplies.

    At Direct Trades Supply, we have a wide selection of Thunderbird quality electric fencing products. Thunderbird is one of Australia's largest and most progressive livestock management electric fencing manufacturers. The company is known for its cutting-edge electric fence supplies, consistent quality, and excellent workmanship at the best price.

    Thunderbird are specialists in manufacturing:

    • - Portable and permanent electric fencing systems
    • - A complete range of agricultural weighing systems and accessories
    • - Remote controlled fence energisers


    Energisers are used to control the flow of electricity through electric fences, from an external power source. When a grounded object (most likely an animal) touches the fence, the sensors in the energiser send electricity down the fence or the live wire.

    Fault Locators

    Saving you time and money by locating faults in electric fences quickly and accurately. Faults can be caused by poor connections, excessive vegetation growth around the fence, short circuits, or broken fences. A wireless design means you can easily test all fences without an electric supply and with a battery life of up to 2 years, your fault locator from Direct Trades Supply will stand the test of time.


    Insulators are to be installed on each post of an electric fence. This is what attaches the electric fence to the poles, but being made out of material that does not conduct electricity, the current is stopped at the insulator and isn’t transferred to the ground via the poles. Insulators come in ranges of molds and attachments, Direct Trades Supply will have the right product for your fence needs.

    Standoffs & Outriggers

    Standoffs and Outriggers are used to set the electric wires away from the fence poles. With configurations of single or double, you have the ability to set live wires on either side of a fence. These will extend the life of your fence poles by keeping the wire away from rubbing against the steel or wood.

    Underground Cables & Connectors

    Underground cables are used to carry electricity from one part of a fence to another safely. They will also transfer electricity from the energiser to the beginning of the fence. You may also hear these referred to as ‘undergate cable’. The Underground Cable stocked at DTS is double insulated to ensure no loss of electricity or power in the fence. The cables are made from a tough polyethylene to ensure it is abrasion resistant in the ground.
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