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    • Abrasives - Cutting Discs
    • Abrasives - Grinding Discs
    • Abrasives - Sanding Sheets
    • Abrasives - Orbital Sanding Discs
    • Abrasives - Sanding Belts
    • Abrasives - Flap wheels
    • Abrasives - Drum Sanding Discs
    • Abrasives - Other


    • Chiselling - 17mm Hex
    • Chiselling - 28mm Hex
    • Chiselling - 30mm Hex
    • Chiselling - K Taper
    • Chiselling - SDS Max
    • Chiselling - SDS Plus
    • Chiselling - Other


    • Cutting - Jigsaw Blades
    • Cutting - Reciprocating Blades
    • Cutting - TCT Saw Blades
    • Cutting - Diamond Blades
    • Cutting - Multitool Blades
    • Cutting - Planer Blades
    • Cutting - Router Bits
    • Cutting - Hole Saws
    • Cutting - Other


    • Drilling - Concrete
    • Drilling - Timber
    • Drilling - Glass
    • Drilling - Plastic
    • Drilling - Tile
    • Drilling - Brick
    • Drilling - Ferous Metals
    • Drilling - Non-Ferous Metals
    • Drilling - Other


    • Extraction - Dust Bags
    • Extraction - Connection Fittings
    • Extraction - Other


    • Fastening - Hex Head Bits
    • Fastening - Magnetic Bit Holders
    • Fastening - Nutsetters
    • Fastening - Phillips Drive Bits
    • Fastening - Pozi Head Drive Bits
    • Fastening - Socket Drive Bits
    • Fastening - Square Drive Bits
    • Fastening - Torx Head Bits
    • fastening - Other


    • Storage - Tool Belts
    • Storage - Pouchs & Pouch Sets
    • Storage - Carry Bags
    • Storage - Tool Boxes
    • Storage - Other

    Abrasive Discs, Wheels, and Paper

    Abrasive discs, wheels, and paper are all designed for sanding, grinding, finishing and stripping materials. The type of abrasive you need will depend on the size of your project and the material you are working on. Discs have one side of abrasive particles and one side of a soft material, usually cloth or sponge that can be used for polishing. Grinding Wheels are attached to a grinding machine that can cut, sand, grind and polish the same as an Abrasive Disc, but on a much larger scale. Abrasive Paper, more commonly known as sandpaper, can be affixed to handheld power tools or used by hand for small projects. It is commonly used for removing old layers of paint, finishing wood, or to roughen a surface as in preparation.

    Diamond Blades

    Diamond Blades are the sturdiest and most durable blades available. Diamond is the strongest mineral and can grind through almost anything, this is why synthetic diamond particles are used in the blade. The tiny particles are mixed with the metal coating of the blade and the exposed part of the diamond is what grinds the material. These blades are proven to be the safest on the market and are the most reliable when you need a clean and professional cut. Diamond Blades range in size and patterns depending on the material you are working with. At Direct Trades Supply we stock a large range that can be used on Green Concrete, Metal, Asphalt, Ceramic, Brick, Marble and everything in between.

    Drill Bits

    We have a huge range of Drill Bits and accessories in store. Submit an enquiry form or contact us today to discuss your purchase with one of our experts.

    TCT & HSS Blades, Cutters, Hole Saws

    TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) and HSS (High Speed Steel) Blades are extremely strong blades that are used to cut strong materials. TCT blades are specifically designed to cut metals, pipes, rails and titanium-based metal. The smooth cut is due to the teeth being so close together and tipped with Tungsten Carbide, a strong chemical compound. HSS blades are as the name suggests are used at an extreme high speed and are used to cut steel up to 200mm in thickness. If you’re not sure what kind of saw your project requires, we have many options in store for Cutters and Hole Saws as well as TCT and HSS Blades. Talk to one of the experts at Direct Trades Supply.
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