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    All Your Structural and Maintenance Materials

    Site Preparation


    • Barriers - Bunting flags
    • Barriers - Hard Barriers
    • Barriers - Scaffolding Mesh
    • Barriers - Shade Cloth
    • Barriers - Star Picket Caps
    • Barriers - Star Pickets
    • Barriers - Other Barriers


    • Communication - Aerials
    • Communication - Alarm Systems
    • Communication - Radio Communication
    • Communication - Sound Systems
    • Communication - Other Requirements

    Dangerous Goods

    • Dangerous Goods - Flammable Cabinets
    • Dangerous Goods - MSDS Folders
    • Dangerous Goods - MSDS Stations
    • Dangerous Goods - Other Requirements


    • Signage - Boxed Edge Signs
    • Signage - Hanging Signs
    • Signage - Labels
    • Signage - Road Signs
    • Signage - Stickers
    • Signage - Swing Stands
    • Signage - Wall Mounted Signs
    • Signage - Other Signage

    Spill Control

    • Spill Control - Drip Trays
    • Spill Control - Spill Kits
    • Spill Control - Spill Pallets
    • Spill Control - Other requirements


    • Surveying - Flagging Tape
    • Surveying - Survey Paint
    • Surveying - Survey Pegs
    • Surveying - Other Requirements

    Traffic Control

    • Traffic Control - Bollard Bases
    • Traffic Control - Bollards
    • Traffic Control - Delineators
    • Traffic Control - Road Markers
    • Traffic Control - Traffic Cone Bars
    • Traffic Control - Traffic Cones
    • Traffic Control - Other requirements


    • Utilities - Cable Pullers
    • Utilities - Conduits
    • Utilities - Gatic Lifters
    • Utilities - Inspection Ports
    • Utilities - Marking Tapes
    • Utilities - Prodders
    • Utilities - PVC Pipe
    • Utilities - Other Requirements

    Barriers - Hard, Mesh, Bunting Flags, Star Pickets & Caps

    Barriers are used to prevent entry into sites where unauthorised people are not allowed. Barriers are often made in high-vis colours so they are easily recognisable. Hard Barriers are fixed and can be made from either plastic or metal. Mesh Barriers are mostly produced in orange, yellow, or red as they are the most visible colours, and are available in both light or rigid mesh. Bunting Flags or Safety Flags are ideal for marking out zones, hazards, or excavation sites. Star Pickets can also be used to create barriers, or to hold bunting. Be sure to use caps on the top of your star pickets for extra safety if this is your choice for construction barriers.

    Dangerous Goods - Flammable Cabinets, MSDS Folders & Stations

    Flammable Storage Cabinets are essential for storing dangerous chemicals. They are made specially to withstand the impact of hazardous chemicals such as fuel, kerosene, methanol and paints. Complete with compliant signage and made from strong steel, make sure you invest in a Flammable Storage Cabinet for your worksite.

    For all chemicals and materials that require instructions for use and care, you will need to keep these instructions in a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Folder. Our 3-ring Binder MSDS Folders are red and white striped for easy recognition when you need to locate it quickly. Signs for MSDS Stations are also available.

    General Safety - Alarms, Sound Systems, Radio Communication

    Alarms, Sound Systems, and Radio Communication are all vital pieces of equipment for general safety on the worksite. These will allow you to announce to or notify all workers or emergencies, changes, or actions that need to be taken all at once.

    Signage - Road, Swing Stands, Boxed Edge, Wall Mount, Hanging

    Road Signage such as STOP Signs, Orange Traffic Cones, Warning Signs, reduced speed signs, and detour signs will help to keep your workers safe when working near roads or car parks.

    Boxed Edge Signs are simple black and yellow signs that have a black outline around the edge creating a ‘box’. Boxed Edge signs are often used to warn drivers of Roadworks, Loose Stones, Construction, or Unexpected Water.

    Wall mounted or hanging signage can be used through the worksite to display messages such as ‘hard hats and earmuffs must be worn’, hazardous conditions, or low beams.

    Spills - Spill Pallets, Drip Trays, Spill Kits

    Spill Pallets or Spill Containment Pallets are designed to capture leaks and spills from chemical containers. The chemical container is placed on the grid of the spill pallet, and any drips are contained by the bucket underneath. Spill Pallets should be used when transporting and storing chemicals. Drip Trays work in the same way as Spill Pallets but are slightly smaller in size and are used for different chemicals. Discuss your needs with one of our experts who can guide you to the right product.

    Spill Kits are a universal item that you must have on every construction site dealing with chemicals or oils. Spill Kits contain all items necessary to effectively clean up and dispose of hazardous chemicals including safety wear, cleaning products, and a disposal bin.

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