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    All Your Structural and Maintenance Materials

    Powders, Surface Preparation & Repair


    • Additives - Cement Accelerator
    • Additives - Cement Plasticiser
    • Additives - Curing Compound
    • Additives - Evaporation Retardant
    • Additives - Formwork Release Oil
    • Additives - Other Additives


    • Grout - Panel Grout
    • Grout - High Strength Grout
    • Grout - Self Leveling Grout
    • Grout - Other Grout


    • Mortar - Fairing Mortar
    • Mortar - Coat Mortar
    • Mortar - High Build Mortar
    • Mortar - Other Mortar


    • Sealers - Cold Mix Asphalt
    • Sealers - Bitumastic
    • Sealers - Bituthene
    • Sealers - Tapes
    • Sealers - Exposed Aggregate Sealer
    • Sealers - Workshop Floor Sealer
    • Sealers - General purpose Sealer
    • Sealers - Other Sealers

    Surface Retarder

    • Surface Retarder - Rugasol
    • Surface Retarder - Other Surface Retarders


    • Tape - Foam Tape
    • Tape - Slurry Tape
    • Tape - Other Tapes

    Asphalt - Cold Mix

    Cold Mix Asphalt is the simplest type of asphalt. By mixing without heat it makes the product more environmentally friendly with less offsets and is relatively pollution free. Cold Mix Asphalt should only be used for small fixes such as cracks or small holes as it doesn’t possess the strength of Hot-Mix Asphalt. It can be used as a temporary repair until an alternative is sourced.


    Bitumastic is applied to many materials as an adhesive or for protection. Bitumastic can be used in many different temperatures, and as it is applied cold it is neither flammable or intoxicating. Bitumastic is made from a combination of asphalt and filler which when applied to metals can protect it from extreme weather and corrosion.

    Cement Accelerator

    Cement Accelerator is a calcium hardener that accelerates the drying process of cement. As it is a clear liquid, cement accelerator does not alter the colour of cement. Cement Accelerator is most often used in applications that need to be finished quickly, or in cold climates where cement would take longer than usual to dry naturally. Cement Accelerator can be added to mortar, cement, concrete, or sand/cement mixes.

    Cement Plasticiser

    Cement Plasticiser is added to cements and mortar to increase viscosity. Cement Plasticiser makes the mixture more workable and smoother, allowing an easier application and a smoother finish. If used in excess, cement plasticiser can have an adverse effect, so it is important to use the right type and amount for your specific project.

    Curing Compound

    A Curing Compound is a liquid that is applied to concrete surfaces after setting, to prevent moisture from escaping and cracks and inconsistencies in the concrete. Applying a curing compound also gives concrete a more durable and smooth finish. Curing Compounds are available in either water or acrylic based applications which are suitable for different projects. Contact our experts for advice on which Curing Compound will be suitable for your project.

    Evaporation Retardant

    Evaporation Retardant is an economical, water based product that slows the evaporation or bleed of water. Evaporation Retardant can be applied to concrete surfaces, and will present a smooth oil-like finish on the concrete. Evaporation Retardant may need to be applied multiple times to achieve the desired result.

    Form Release Oil

    Form Release Oil can be used on steel or wood and is designed to eliminate the setting of concrete to molds, barriers, or forms. It is recommended to use a very thin layer of Form Release Oil as thick applications can leave residue on the material being used. Using Form Release Oil will also make cleaning the used area quicker and easier.

    Grout - Panel, High Strength & Self Leveling

    Panel Grout is a classic, general purpose grout that can be troweled or poured. Panel Grout is simply made by adding water to the mixture and is ideal for filling cavities or small holes. For larger applications Panel grout can be poured, and has an average drying time of 2 and a half hours. When dry, panel grout will not shrink which is why it is a popular product.

    High Strength Grout is best used for footings or plates as it is a sturdy product that will stand the test of time. Sika’s High Strength Grout is a five star product with non-shrink properties that can withstand extreme temperatures.

    Self Leveling Grout should be used for flooring projects such as laying carpet, tiles, or vinyl. At Direct Trades Supply, we stock Bostik Self Leveling Grout which has been specially formulated to achieve a smooth surface with an easy application.

    Fairing Mortar

    Fairing Mortar is a polymer modified, fine feathering mortar for thin layer applications to assist with producing concrete grey appearances on concrete or masonry surfaces. Fairing mortar is based on high grade quartz sand, synthetic polymers and hydraulic binders and is shrinkage compensated. It will adhere well to most masonry or cementitious surfaces provided that they are clean and free from film. The Fairing mortar will adhere especially well if the surface it is bonding to has some porosity.

    Prime Exposure

    Prime exposure uses an acrylic standard searler made from the finest German acrylic polymers blended here in Australia for our harsh conditions. The Prime Exposure acrylic sealers enhance the colour of your decorative concrete to keep it looking fresh for years to come.


    At Direct Trade Supply we have a large range of sealers for multiple applications. Sealers are often used for concrete, wood, and tiled flooring options to ensure that the surface below the used material is sealed from any moisture transfer. Talk to our friendly team at Direct Trade Supply today about our range of sealers and our team will be happy to assist and point you in the right direction.

    Tape - Foam/Slurry

    Foam/Slurry tape is commonly used throughout the concreting industry. It is commonly used for searing around edges of formwork to prevent slurry from penetrating the gaps between the formwork. Foam/Slurry Tape is commonly made using soft closed cell PVC , which will provide a watertight barrier and ensuring a clean, mess free job when the pour is complete. Talk to our experts today to discuss the different lengths and thicknesses of Foam/Slurry tape.

    Timber - LVL Pinewood, Hardwood

    LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) Pinewood is favoured for its strength and benefits in structural applications. It is specifically engineered by bonding very thin slices and fragments of wood under extreme heat and pressure. The strength of LVL Pinewood is on par with solid timber, concrete, and steel.

    Hardwood is, in most cases, used for wooden flooring but can also be applied to cladding, fencing, panelling and decking. Hardwood is made only from a dicot tree which means they have a much more complex structure, resulting in a hardened wood with interesting patterns.

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