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    All your structural and maintenance materials

    Construction Materials

    Direct Trades Supply is your trusted source
    for quality construction & maintenance supplies

    Direct Trades Supply is your trusted source for quality construction materials and supplies in Perth and throughout Western Australia. Our extensive range of construction and maintenance materials makes DTS your one-stop shop.
    Contact our specialist team now for expert advice or come in and check out our huge range for yourself. We’ve got Shedloads.

    We stock all the standard sizes, and we'll source custom requests fast!

    Site Preparation

    • Barriers - Hard, Mesh, Bunting Flags, Star Pickets & Caps
    • Dangerous Goods - Flammable Cabinets, MSDS Folders & Stations
    • General Safety - Alarms, Sound Systems, Radio Communication
    • Signage - Road, Swing Stands, Boxed Edge, Wall Mount, Hanging, Labels & Stickers
    • Spills - Spill Pallets, Drip Trays, Spill Kits
    • Surveying - Pegs, Paint, Flagging Tape
    • Traffic Control - Cones, Cone Bars, Bollards, Bollard Bases, Delineators, Markers
    • Utilities - Marking Tapes, Conduits, Pipe, Inspection Ports, Cable Pullers, Gatic Lifters & Prodders

    Formwork, Slabs & Construction

    • Adhesives - Epoxy, Liquid Nails, Silicone, Roof & Gutter, Joint Sealant
    • Binding Agents - Lime, Sand
    • Builders Film
    • Cement - Brickies, General Purpose, Mortar
    • Concrete - General Purpose, Rapid Set, High Strength
    • Fastening - Screws, Nuts & Bolts, Anchors, Nails, Excaliburs
    • Formwork Fillets
    • Metal Reinforcing - Mesh, Bar Chairs, Tie Wire, Plates
    • Pipe - Conduit, Water, sewage, Pressure, Form Tube
    • Sheet Material - Formply, Plywood, Compressed Cement, Plasterboard, Jointflex, Curing Foams, Polystyrene, Kanite
    • Steel - Channel, Beams, Posts
    • Timber - LVL, Pinewood, Hardwood
    • Jointflex Rolls

    Powders, Surface Preparation, Repair

    • Asphalt - Cold Mix
    • Bitumastic
    • Cement Accelerator
    • Cement Plasticiser
    • Curing Compound
    • Evaporation Retardant
    • Form Release Oil
    • Grout - Panel, High Strength & Self Leveling
    • Mortar - Fairing, Coat & High Build
    • Sealers
    • Surface Retarders
    • Tape - Foam / Slurry

    Tools & Machinery

    • Air Compressors
    • Brick Saws
    • Cement Mixers
    • Compactors
    • Concrete vibrators
    • Drive Units & Trash Pumps
    • Floor Saws
    • Generators
    • Hand Tools
    • Ladders
    • Lifting & Rigging
    • Materials Handling
    • Powertools
    • Pressure Washers
    • Trenching Machines
    • Trowelling Machines
    • Wire, Rope, Fittings, & Tie Downs

    Nothing too big or small, if you need it, we've got shedloads!


    The extreme strength of Formply makes it cost effective to use in structural applications. Without the look of traditional Plywood, Formply has a high quality finish that allows it to be used in many different projects.

    Formply is often used in Cabinetry, Furniture, and shop fitouts. Formply is particlarly useful for load-bearing appications such as bench tops, shelves, and floors.


    LVL, or Laminated Veneer Lumber, is one of the most commonly used wood solutions for structural applications.

    LVL is similar to Formply in strength and applications, but differs in the grain makeup. Choosing LVL for your next project will have many advantages, such as the low cost and ease of sourcing. At DTS we only stock high quality LVL and Formply with Perth's best prices.

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