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    All Your Security Fencing Supplies In One Location

    Steel Posts, Pipe & Fittings

    Fittings - Tees, Crosses, Corners, Universal, Flanges, Sleeves

    Steel Posts, Pipes, and Fittings are a staple of our stock at Direct Trades Supply. For more information on these it is best to contact our experts in-store, or add to your enquiry online and we will contact you.

    Post Caps

    Post Caps are placed on the top of steel posts to minimise the risk of injury. They are available in different materials to suit every project, including plastic, steel and wood. Post Caps are often a necessary safety purchase, but can also be decorative. Often, wooden post caps are used on residential fences as ornamental pieces to change the look of the fence. Pointed steel post caps are often used on security fencing to deter intruders. Bright yellow post caps are used in construction for high visibility, these are also known as star picket caps.

    Posts, Rails, Stays, Strainer Assemblies - Hot Dip Galvanised

    Hot Dip Galvanising is the process of dipping a product (made from steel or iron) into extremely hot zinc. The zinc is usually around 460 degrees celsius, which reacts with carbon dioxide when removed, and creates zing carbonate. This is an extremely strong metal that will withstand corrosion. At Direct Trades Supply we stock Posts, Rails, and Stays all in both standard and Hot Dip Galvanised materials.

    Struts - Hot Dip Galvanised

    Struts are a major part of structural suspension. They act as a support for the assembly, and being hot dipped galvanised they are extremely strong. Struts are commonly used in roofing to transfer the weight of other beams onto the load bearing walls, they perform the opposite task to a tie.

    Y Pickets - Heavy Duty Black Steel, Heavy Duty Hot Dipped Galvanised

    Y Pickets are, as the name suggests, a picket that is shaped in a Y. Similar to a Star Picket, there are many variations of pickets that are named by their construction. Y pickets have one pointed end and one flat end so that they can be easily hammered into the ground. These pickets come with pre-drilled holes at various heights for easy fencing construction. Simple install the Y Picket and thread through the wire. At DTS we stock Y Pickets in both heavy Duty Black Steel, and Hot Dipped Galvanised with many options of sizing.
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