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    Work Safe With Our Extensive Range of Safety & PPE

    Clothing & Footwear

    Accessories - Belts, Socks, Chaps

    Workers must be comfortable throughout the day. Accessories such as belts, socks, and chaps can assist in comfortability through various tasks while remaining unobtrusive to workflow. Thick PPE socks should be worn with all safety boots to optimise comfort when standing all day. Chaps are commonly used when working with chainsaws or welding as they provide extra protection to the legs.

    Back Supports

    Back Support Braces or Belts can assist with lower back pain or strain while working. Back Supports are used when continuous lifting is involved in work by improving lumbar and abdominal support when using a forward motion. Back Supports will take pressure off the lower spine if constantly standing or carrying heavy loads.

    It is important to note that Back Supports should not be used to correct or mask existing issues, they are only for additional support.

    Corporate Clothing

    For those times when you need to go from site to meeting, we have you covered with corporate clothing. A range of collared shirts, pants and belts are available in store at Direct Trades Supply.

    Disposable Aprons, Coveralls, Caps & Covers

    Disposable Clothing is used for many applications in construction including working with toxic chemicals and hazards. Disposable Clothing such as Aprons, Coveralls, Caps and Covers are designed for single use only, and should be disposed of immediately after wearing. It is important not to wash and wear disposable PPE again as this can break down the protective qualities. Disposable Aprons, Coveralls and Caps can be used to protect against dirt, grime, liquid and particle spray, chemicals, sparks, and flames.


    If you’re working with cement or in wet environments, you will require a pair of Gumboots. Gumboots are designed for working in hazardous environments such as construction sites. They will protect against chemicals, electricity, fire, and are resistant against mud and water. We have a range of sizes, colours, and styles in store at Direct Trades Supply, visit our store today for your new pair of Gumboots.

    High-Vis Clothing - Trousers, Shirts, Polos, Vests

    Hi-Vis Clothing is an important safety measure that assists in the overall safety of a worksite. Hi-Vis and Reflective Clothing not only helps visibility of workers in dark conditions, but is just important in the day-time - especially for employees on road-side sites. Hi-Vis Clothing will reduce the risk of accidents by increasing visibility of all employees from the contrast of the worksite to the fluoro colouring. At Direct Trades Supply we stock Shirts, Polos, and Trousers made from Hi-Vis material.

    When Hi-Vis Clothing is only required for certain times of the day or in certain sections of a worksite, High-Vis Vests are ideal. They can be worn over any type of clothing, and are available in Yellow or Orange in a range of sizes.

    Jackets & Vests - Cold Weather

    Working outside in the middle of winter can be uncomfortable, especially early in the mornings. For these conditions, jackets and vests are essential to keep your body mobile and comfortable. At Direct Trades Supply we have many different types and styles from waterproof, wool lined, fleece and high-vis cold weather clothing.

    Knee Pads

    Knee Pads are necessary when working on your needs for projects that entail gardening, cleaning, painting, flooring, and even plumbing. Knee pads with a hard exterior are perfect for working on hard surfaces such as concrete or wooden floors. If you are working on wooden floors it is important to invest in a pair of knee pads that will not damage the flooring. Quality Knee Pads are fitted with a soft gel core which provides enough protection and padding for all day labour to protect your knees.

    Safety Boots - Pull On, Zip/Lace Up

    Safety Boots are essential to protect your feet from dangers on a worksite. As well as being durable and sturdy, your boots must also be comfortable. At Direct Trades Supply we stock quality brands that will ensure you stay comfortable and safe all day long. The safety boots available in store are all fitted with a steel cap for extra protection over the toes, and come in either pull on, zip up or lace up styles.

    Wet Weather Gear

    Wet Weather Clothing for construction is important though Australian Winters. When working outside in wet weather, hi-vis wet weather gear will not only help to keep you warm and dry, but will increase visibility. Wet Weather Gear is specifically designed to withstand mildew and mould, meaning you can be confident to invest in good quality clothing that will last years. Rain Jackets, Ponchos, Pants, and Gumboots are just a few of the Wet Weather Gear options we have in store at Direct Trades Supply.

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