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    Direct Trades Supply
    Direct Trades Supply
    December 15, 2020
    Wooden poles

    Wood vs Steel Fence Posts

    Replacing or constructing rural fencing can be a big task, so you want to make sure you’ve invested the time to research types of fences and the material options before commencing. The two most popular materials for Fence Posts are wood or steel - two very different styles with different purposes, so let’s compare them below.

    Wood can be used for rural and farm use, landscaping, and structural foundations. When choosing wooden posts it’s important to make sure the wood is treated to prevent erosion, discourage mould growth and protect against termites. At Direct Trades Supply, we stock PERMApole which is an Australian recommended CCA-treated timber, intended for outdoor use.

    Steel poles

    Steel is a very durable material, ideal for security and most commonly used for Industrial and Commercial purposes. Our Steel Strainer Posts come in a range of assemblies from 80mm - 100mm thickness, and single or double assembly. When selecting a metal fence it is important to recognise the risk of injury to people and farm animals if it is not installed properly or if star pickets are exposed.

    • Pricing:

      Wood is cheaper to purchase and install up front, but maintenance costs must be taken into consideration. Wood may need to be replaced every few years depending on it’s condition which can be a large task for rural properties. Choosing wood fence poles may be ideal for temporary use if you don’t want to spend a large amount of money.

      Steel strainer posts can be a large investment but in the long run may be more cost effective. Once steel posts are installed there are little to no maintenance costs and can last up to 15 years.

    Windmill on a rural landscape with a wooden post fence.
    • Look:

      If you are looking for something with character, wood is the way to go. Steel will give a more modern feel so consider the rest of your property when choosing your material. Steel also creates a very industrial feel, so your choice between the two materials may differ if you are choosing for a large manufacturing company compared to a small agricultural farm.

    • Durability:

      The durability of wood vs. steel can greatly differ depending on a number of factors, the largest one being climate. The moisture content of wood changes with the weather, and being subject to different temperatures and environments throughout the year can weaken the material. If you are set on choosing wood poles, you need to consider treated timber such as PERMApole. Steel is relatively durable and the structure of the poles will not be altered by climate.

    As you can tell there are many factors to consider when choosing between Wood and Steel Fence posts. If you opt for steel it is important to have the star pickets installed properly and to choose the right assembly for your purpose. If choosing wood it is important to use treated timber and consider the climate and year-round weather conditions. If you need help deciding or would like more information, contact us.

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